Fitness Mistakes I Wish I Avoided

DIsclaimer: I am not a certified nutritionist or health professional. This article is based of my personal experiences and I do not take responsibilities for any actions taken at your own risk.

Sometimes I wish I had a time machine so I could go back and correct my lifestyle then because it was so obvious I knew nothing about nutrition and working out that I just did what people told me to do before doing my own research.

The number of diets I tried and overworking my body by working out twice a day should be considered illegal because there were absolutely no effects, but that’s not exactly true. I did gain extra weight, body-shamed myself constantly, a disastrous mental health state, and a nonexistent social life so all-around quite the experience I would say!

Now that I have suffered, improved, and taken notes allow me to share some fitness mistakes I made and some that you may be making now so that you’ll be saved earlier itself!

1) Cutting Out Carbs

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If I had a dollar for everytime diet culture says ‘Carbs make you gain weight’ I’d be rich enough to buy all the pastas, breads and cookies in the world. Let me make this very clear:

‘Carbs do not make you gain weight. Carbs are a source of energy that power you throughout the day’

In this post I explain the two types of carbs and the ones that is considered ‘unhealthy’ but is a necessity to a balanced lifestyle. Simply put, carbs that come from apples, bananas and whole wheat breads are the best source of carbs because alongside having carbohydrates in them they also have vitamins, potassium and fiber in them which provoke gut health. The carbs that you should eat in moderation are such as white bread, cookies and pasta as they’re easily processed due to the zero amount of nutrients they hold which leave you wanting to eat more.

2) Not Knowing My Metabolic Type


Okay I learned this just a few weeks ago but I can see some results especially in my mood boosts! I found my metabolic type right here and it’s life changing. In a nutshell knowing your metabolic type makes you eat according to your metabolism and it’s called the ‘Metabolic Type Diet’. I know I’ve said diets don’t work but instead of a diet this is a lifestyle. You eat exactly what your body is more suited for instead of what it works slower on. Since i have a meso-endomorph body type, I gain muscle and fat easily but I also have a slower metabolism. So in order to speed my up my metabolism I need to have a minimally processed diet which means less processed foods, a complex carb cycle(on certain days I eat more carbs and on other days I don’t so my body uses up stored fats) and A LOT of protein as well as healthy fats.

3) Not Lifting Weights

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One of the biggests myths I’ve ever heard is that ‘lifting weights makes you bulky’ and to the person that told me that… You could be lifting weights for how many years you want and still not become ‘bulky’. The only way you can get bulky by lifting weights is if you pair it with a high-protein diet. Lifting weights on a normal 50% carbs, 25%protein and 25% fat diet will not make you gain muscle easily even if you wanted to. When you pair resistance workouts into your workout routines you burn fat easily and actually get more toned!

4) Doing Spot Reduction Workouts

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Nowadays I get so frustrated when any ‘fitness influencer’ says that you can get abs in 2 weeks because you cannot and will not, and even if you do you can’t sustain them in the long run. Spot reduction is physically and biologically impossible. Paint this, if you have more fat accumulated all over your body, do you think doing a particular ab workout will get rid of the fat only in your abdominal area? No. The only way you can get visible abs and muscles wherever you wish is if you lower your body fat percentage. Some people don’t even work on their abs but have them because they have a lower body fat percentage.

5) Not Staying Active Throughout The Day

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I used to have this mindset where I told myself ‘as long as you’re working out everyday you don’t need to do much throughout the day’ and boy was I wrong. I saw a lot of improvement once I also added in a goal to achieve 15,000 steps a day because not only did I feel energized throughout the day, I also didn’t let the food in my stomach sit around for a long time which can cause excessive belly fat, and since I was extremely body conscious I needed to make sure I was walking around for at least 30 minutes after I had my meals to digest it.

6) Doing Exercises That I Dreaded

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Before I started committing to healthy and balanced lifestyle I always used to burden myself with excessive HIIT and cardio workouts which I dreaded because I thought those were the only ways to lose weight and lose fat. When in reality, I was constantly stressing myself out on working out I gained more weight because of hormone fluctuations.

Finding what works for you is so important, if you enjoy doing yoga or lifting weights then do exactly that. Forcing yourself to do workouts that don’t bring your joy will not only make you lose interest in working out at all but by then end of the workout you won’t even feel acheived that you did it.

7) Having the Wrong Mindset

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Having the wrong mindset when working out is one of the biggest mistakes ever. As a woman I used to look at other women’s photos on Instagram and admire their small waist and toned arms and was always working out to get smaller and to achieve the ideal body type which was considered ‘feminine’ when I should’ve been working out to get MY ideal body type. Changing my mindset from ‘wanting to be smaller’ to ‘wanting to be stronger’ made me work harder and more conscious about the smallest things in my workouts and food.

Setting your fitness goals based off another person’s figure never works. Workout for YOUR ideal body type. Workout because it brings you joy and challenges you mentally. Workout so you’re able to have a long lasting healthy life.

8) Not Having Rest Days

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I was working out 7 days a week for almost 2 months. My body never got a single day to chill back and rest for almost 60 days. Did I see any results? Of course not, I never gave my body the time to rest and heal for visible results. My workout routine now is so much more simpler;

3 days workout -1 day rest -2 days workout -1 day rest. My workout consists of boxing, pilates, HIIT, yoga and weightlifting. I usually have my workouts planned out for the next day but some days when i feel like my body needs rest and I’m not mentally motivated to do it I’ll just take another rest day! Listening to what your body can and can’t take is important to your workouts as well your wellbeing.

9) Skipping Warm Ups And Warm Downs

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Warming up your muscles especially your glutes is the main component to a great workout. Getting your heart rate up before any exercise as simple as yoga can make it as beneficial as an hour long cardio session!

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69 thoughts on “Fitness Mistakes I Wish I Avoided

  1. Any health or fitness guide or advice (influencers included) who peddle a quick fix is not really in it to see you have real results or improved health and I avoid those as best as I can. Your tips here are really good and sensible which will be far more helpful to those of us making changes. Thanks so much for sharing!

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    1. true! sorry for the late reply x
      a lot of fitness influencers offer these quick fixes that are actually useless but only work to boost ones confidence for a short period of time! But a the same time i feel like they use this trick to start getting people to workout!


  2. Metabolic types sounds like a scam creates by someone pushing a diet plan. Adults are as active as they were when they were younger, so you’re not burning off the stuff you eat. That’s pretty much all there is to. Also, crabs from fruit and vegetables might be slower acting due to the fibre and other nutrients in them, but they’re still carbs, so don’t over eat fruit as they can still be unhealthy for you. Sugar is still sugar


    1. tue but compared to carbs that come from cookies and pasta, fruits and vegetable would be the better option because they’re complex carbs which means that they keep you fuller for longer without increasing your blood sugar levels that the cookies do which make you craving something the next moment causing you to overeat! great point of view tho!


    1. that’s so wonderful! So happy you acknowledge that living a balanced lifestyle means including all your favorite desserts as well, I always make sure to squeeze in a dessert in my meals to keep my spirit up! I would also recommend doing pilates once you feel you’ve upped from yoga as pilates helps with strength, balance and flexibility as well!


    1. true! personally I prefer working out in the evenings as I feel I have more energy during that time and can make the most out of my workouts! wWorking out in the mornings as well is great because it gives you a dopamine boost!


  3. Some really important tips here – I want to start taking fitness more seriously and have started going for a few runs/walks but I definitely feel more motivated when I’ve had a rest day and I know my body is going to respond well to doing some exercise.

    Tash – A Girl with a View

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    1. This is so true! Listening to what our body needs and doesn’t is so important, right now I’m having muscle pain as I pulled my arm muscles and have been taking rests for 2 days now because I know if i keep straining my arms I’m not going to recover and do my workouts half heartedly!


  4. Love this and so agree on the carbs section! I feel like my biggest mistake is going too hard too fast and then I’m too tired and too terrified to keep going! However, 2020 is when I really enjoyed exercising and can’t wait to watch that grow in 2021!

    Katie |

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    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself! When starting anything new I’ve learned to take things slow and have patience in the process! Cheers to improving and becoming the best versions of ourselves in 2021 ! x


  5. I agree with a lot of these! I used to be discouraged when I wouldn’t reach my workout goals but now, I’ve shifted my mindset to just staying active and being healthy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. True! i used to workout to be the ideal body type but now I’m workout to be fit and strong and I’ve realized I’ve started to focus more on my workouts and form when working out!

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  6. Great tips! There are so many people spreading misinformation about health and fitness. As a coach I feel like convincing people these myths aren’t true is 50% of my job which is a shame.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. it’s sad that many people have had to learn from the bad and toxic diet culture! people like you are one of the main reason I was able to learn more about nutrition and fitness rather than just watching a youtube video


    1. same here! I was always scared of getting bulky but even if i do want to get bulky right now it’d be so tough! wish you all the best with your goals!


    1. true! i thought now would be the best time to post with all the new year resolutions people are setting! always remember to set goals that are sustainable and don’t have a timeline! that way you’ll be able to maintain it in the long run!


  7. You have raised some great issues regarding myths about food, exercise, and overall health. Little knowledge is a dangerous thing, and people sometimes are convinced that they are doing the right thing by quitting complex carbs completely from their diet. I have done two or three posts regarding the metabolism and absorption of carb into our bloodstream and their functions. I would like to refer you to those posts. Meanwhile, to understand the physiology of our gastrointestinal tract, we should know that all food in our stomach (when we finish eating) will pass to the duodenum for processing and thence absorption within 2 hours unless we have taken a lot of animal protein, which may take an hour extra, but it will not sit there for long. If anything remains in the stomach will lead to regurgitation and vomiting. Stomach and other GI muscles work towards the anal side and will not let anything stay inside their hollow spaces. Normally Stomach and all the small intestine will be emptied within 6 hours of our last meal and all our undigested meal will arrive at the large-small intestine junction within 6-9 hours. Concepts are very important. Food sitting inside the GIT will not make you fat, it is the contents that got absorbed into the body which will do the trick. I will appreciate more queries.

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    1. true! i do agree on that part that I was a bit misinformed! I would love to read the posts you mentioned if you could send over their links!


  8. This is so true! I tried running because everyone was saying that it was the quickest way to get fit, and boy did I hate it! Thanks for sharing these tips, will surely have a look more at the metabolism! x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i prefer walking over running any day ! but running every now and then does help get my heart rate up and going to i can’t really say I hate it! But you’ve got to remember that exercise only plays a role of 40% in your weight loss journey! 60% is based on your food and lifestyle x


  9. Not taking rest days was a big one for me! I’m a long distance runner now but when I first started I went from having never done any exercise in my life to running daily and got injured so quickly (obviously). I think doing something you love and not forcing yourself to do the things you don’t like is such an important one too x


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  10. This is such useful advice. I want to try and lose a little of the holiday weight but, I also want to be healthy instead of cutting out all of the carbs and other foods I love. I’ve made good progress so far by walking lots (thanks to lovely weather) and eating a little bit of salad with each meal but, you’ve certainly given me a lot to think about.

    Kate |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. very well said! whenever starting a new journey be it weight loss or writing it’s important to stick to the things that fulfill you! weight loss is mainly the food you consume so it would be silly to cut off a certain nutrition that helps support your organs and expect yourself to lose weight. walking is definitely my favourite way of exercising!


    1. exactly! I feel like there’s a lot of misinformation out there about weight loss and fitness so it would only be ideal to share my experience and tell other what mistakes to avoid!


    1. couldn’t have said it better myself! sometimes i have my workouts planned out but on those days i just feel like dong something different so i do it! it’s very important to listen to what your body wants and can handle!


    1. home workouts truly are a blessing! you should check out Heather Robertson on youtube! She makes unique and great workouts that will guarantee you to sweat!

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  11. These are some great points you’ve mentioned. I used to be scared to lift weights but since I have been doing so, I’ve noticed such a difference in how toned my body is. Thank you for suggesting the quiz too. I’ve just done it and it can made everything make a lot more sense.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yes! i always had this fear of lifting because i felt like it wasn’t ‘feminine’ but i must say it’s improved my strength and endurance especially my look! knowing my metabolism type has helped improved my gut health as well as helped with bloating problems for me!


    1. i know right?! a lot of people make assumptions because they’ve always sticked to the right way but it’s more assuring the hear what someone who has done things the wrong way give a different perspective on it! If you’re not into lifting you can always try endurance challenging workouts like pilates and barre!


  12. I was also one of those people who believed that weights make you bulky and being a girl I stayed away from them. But looks like it’s not such a bad idea after all. A lot of great information. Thanks for writing the post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. funny enough occasionally whenever i go to the gym there are more women lifting weights than men and they look so cool doing them! definitely an inspiration!


  13. Your comments about carbs were interesting. I’ve been on a low-carb diet, but it is more of a lifestyle for me. I make most of my food from scratch so there is minimal processed food. I include lots of greens & non-starchy veggies and avocados. I’ve limited my fruit to blueberries, raspberries & strawberries. Once in awhile I will eat a small amount of apple, fuyu persimmon (my favorite fruit) or satsuma mandarins in season. All vegetables have carbs, but as you noted, vegetables also have fiber, vitamins and minerals.

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  14. Fantastic tips, especially for this time of year. At the end of the day, its about just looking after ourselves and enjoying doing so! Fitness fads do nothing but leave us feeling like failures! Small goals, bringing in a little bit extra movement each day, cutting out one or two things, these smaller goals all feel more manageable and soon mount up. I know this for myself because Ive learned that the more pressure I put on myself the less I am able to stick to my goals!

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